OSA – Outsider Scents Award is the international competition that celebrates the best original olfactory compositions created by debutants. The award intends to encourage the experimental use of the language of perfume, acknowledging the role of handcrafting, self-production, and the work of those who feel they are outsiders to the composition of perfume, in stimulating an ever more popular olfactory expertise, innovation, and the birth of future talents and creative excellence.

The acronym for the Outsider Scents Award is “OSA”, which means to dare in Italian. It is a call to overcome industry fences in the production of perfume, making room for the outsiders, often with skills that are synergic with the values and ideas in the market. It is a stimulus to dare to create perfume compositions regardless of the intrinsic limits related to the use of perfume as an expressive language, acknowledging the known problem of access to training and the tools of the craft. It is an invitation to “dare” to create a fertile context for comparison and exchange as much for aspiring perfumers as for operators.

OSA – Outsider Scents Award offers a topic that must inspire the submissions. Proposals sent in will be judged independently by jury from outside of the promoter’s organization, made up of industry experts whose names will be announced at the time of the assignment of the award.

Submissions must be received by the organizators before 4 March, 2018.
La cerimonia di premiazione si svolgerà durante la nona edizione di Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto.

1. Who can participate?

The competition is open to debutants. They may be aspiring fragrance creators, self-production enthusiasts, and anyone who is inspired to compose an olfactory interpretation of the theme proposed by the competition. Excluded from the Award are professional fragrance creators who have made perfumes released to the market and can't be defined "debutants", owners of perfume brands already known to the public, or anyone participating for a commercial brand.

2. Requirements for Perfumes

The perfumes submitted to the competition must be the candidate's original creation. They must also be completely unknown, and therefore cannot be present on the market as a product (at least until the end of the competition). The violation of these requirements will lead to immediate disqualification. Furthermore, the perfumes must be pertinent to the topic proposed.

3. Topic Proposed

Participants in the Outsider Scents Award 2018 are invited to submit their creative interpretation, through the language of perfume, on the topic of the Ninth Edition of Smell Festival dell’Olfatto, which is "PLAYTIME". The inspirational presentation of the topic of the year is available on the website Creations that are capable of conceptualizing the topic with a clear bond between the olfactory composition and the author’s reflection are of specific interest.

4. The Jury

OSA – Outsider Scents Award employs a Professional Jury that, in its composition of members, reflects the multiple aspects and interests of perfume and creative experience. The Jury is nominated by the Award’s promoters. Until the end of voting, the name of its members is  kept strictly confidential. The judging parameters are announced and made known to the participants in this competition.
The names of the finalists and the winner will be announced publicly with complete respect for transparency. Finalists will be contacted by telephone or e-mail before the award ceremony.
In addition to the Professional Judges, a Jury composed by Adjiumi's members (the Italian Community of fragrance enthusiasts), will assign a special mention to one of the finalists.

5. Results and Award

The names of the OSA finalists will be made public a few weeks before the award ceremony through the Smell Festival website and other communications channels used for the event.
The OSA Award consists in:

  • a prize certification for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fragrances
  • a prize certification for the Adjiumi special mention award

The prize will be awarded during a public ceremony during the 9th edition of Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto. Timing and details for the event will be provided on the website:

6. Technical Requirements for the Composition

European Candidates: The composition (max. 1 per participant) must arrive in an alcoholic solution in one (1) 50 ml vial. The vials must be simple bottles with a screw cap, without labels or writing. Not decoration or personalization is allowed.

Extra-UE Candidates: To facilitate shipment, the composition (max. 1 per participant) must be sent to the OSA mail address in an undiluted form (therefore: no alcohol) in a sufficient quantity to make 50 ml of the scent. The candidates must indicate in detail, with an annexed document, the procedure for the alcoholic dilution (percent, method of maceration and filtering) which will be performed by OSA personnel. The vials must be simple bottles with a screw cap, without labels or writing, without decoration or personalization. It is recommended that compositions be sent at least 15 to 20 days before the competition deadline.

7. How to participate

All materials must reach the organizators before and no later than than March 4, 2018.
Participants must:

1) Visit the webpage and:
a - Click on “Submission” and pay € 30.00 as a contribution for organizational expenses
b - Once that has been done, login to the website and fill in the Participation Form with the information requested for the fragrance: title, concept, list of ingredients (without quantity details).
c - Attach to the Submission Form a picture of yours and the Release Form as explained on the website.

2) Send the fragrance in a package no larger than 145x145x400 mm. Write your name on the package and on a paper sheet that you will include in it. Ship to: ORABLU, P.O. Box 25, via del Pontiere 3, 37122 Verona VR - Italy

8. Parameters for Judging

Relevance to the olfactory topic proposed: Up to 10 points
Balance of the composition: Up to 8 points
Careful selection of the raw materials: Up to 8 points
Originality of the composition: Up to 8 points
Mastery of expressive tools: Up to 8 points
Originality of concept: Up to 8 points

Total 50 points maximum

9. Standard of Behavior

In order to promote the impartial evaluation by the Jury Members and the anonymity of the compositions for evaluation, all participants are requested to keep the details for their application confidential. Specifically, no information that could make identify the fragrance should be shared on public websites. Furthermore, candidates must not reveal or share any confidential information of which they become aware (names of judges, finalists, etc.) without prior authorization from the organization.
Lack of respect for these standards of behavior can lead to the exclusion of a submission from the competition under the incontestable judgment of the organization. The judges commit to maintaining their nomination secret and confidential until the organizers release the official news of the composition of the Jury at the end of the evaluation period. Furthermore, the Jury commits to not entertaining personal relations with candidates, which could compromise the anonymity of the compositions submitted and the impartiality of their judgment.

10. Personal Information

Participants must give their authorization (using the dedicated release form provided with the application form) for:
1 – Distribution of the materials sent within the activities of the OSA competition.
2 – Public presentation of the composition and relative information provided during Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto and the OSA award ceremony.
3 - Any publication of personal photographs relative to the prize ceremony.

Furthermore, participants must authorize the ORABLU association *using the dedicated release form provided with the application form) to handle their personal information for their participation in the “OSA – Outsider Scents Award” 2018. The data will be handled according to the current regulation (Italian Legislative Decree 196/03) and for the sole use associated with the award competition. The data will not be shared with any third parties.

INFORMATION STATEMENT – Information statement according to Italian Law 169/2003 as modified regarding Protection of Personal Information. The data handling, for which we guarantee maximum confidentiality, is performed for the sole purpose of the award competition in which you are participating. The participants’ personal information will not be communicated or shared with any third parties and the participant can request that his/her data be deleted and/or modified by writing to the ORABLU association | Smell - Festival dell’Olfatto at the addresses provided in the announcement for participation.



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