OSA – Outsider Scents Award employs a Professional Jury that reflect the multiple aspects and interests of perfume and the creative experience. The Jury is nominated by the promoters of the Prize and  the name of its members will be keep strictly confidential until the proclamation of the finalists of the contest.
In addition to the Professional Judges, a Jury composed by Adjiumi's members (the Italian Community of fragrance enthusiasts), will assign a special mention to one of the finalists. The Adjiumi judges will evaluate the compositions and will assign a special mention to one of them.

OSA Jury 2017


Antonio Alessandria, perfumer and founder of the perfume brand under his own name, Alessandria is also owner of Boudoir36, a perfume parlor in the heart of Catania.

Luigi Cristiano, herbalist, artisanal perfumer, author of books on ancient and modern Italian perfumery such as “La nota gradevole” (Studio edizioni).

Roberto Dario, independent fragrance creator, educator, and consultant on olfactory projects development.

Alessandro Gualtieri, aka “the Nose”, a talent of the Italian artistic perfumery, he his the mind beyond the brands “Nasomatto” and “Orto Parisi”, he is also involved in artistic project and olfactory installations.

Vero Kern, an icon of the independent perfumery appreciated by the most demanding critics and public, her unique signature is a fusion of style, consistency, and a meticulous aesthetic research.


Gianni De Martino, author of cultural/etnoghraphic researches and books on the sense of smell (e.g. “Odori” e “Viaggi e Profumi” Urra – Apogeo), some of them in cooperation with Luigi Cristiano.

Alex Musgrave writer, fragrance expert and funder of the blog The Silver Fox at A Scent of Elegance, Fragrance Foundation Award winner (for ÇaFleureBon, 2015) and Jasmine Awards finalist.

Ermano Picco fragrance expert, founder of the blog La gardenia nell'occhiello, a consultant for fragrance brands (e.g. Rubini) he is involved in several cultural project connected to the perfume world.